Our Story

Bishop Dental is dentist-owned and operated by a pair of brothers who aim to provide a professional dental service to the wider communities of Auckland. Inspired by the ongoing work of their parents, they decided East Tamaki was a great location for the establishment of their dental practice which promises to promote high quality dentistry that meets the oral health needs of patients whilst being within limits of the patient’s financial expectations. We believe and aim to stand by our slogan, “Beautiful smiles for a brighter future”, so come visit us today and make this a reality for you. After all, good oral health is not a ‘once off’, its an investment in your life.

Our Vision

Establishment of a dental practice that helps people understand, value and take ownership of their oral health and its impact on their everyday wellbeing.  We aim to promote quality, affordable, preventative and restorative oral health care that is tailored to individuals, families and communities whilst maintaining the integrity of clinical professionalism and best practice dentistry.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve our vision through our team’s friendly and comfortable approach in ensuring our patient’s journey is kept professional, ethical and respectful. We aim to provide holistic health care through collaboration with general and specialist practitioners to ensure our patients receive the highest quality service through our dental practice. 

Our Technology

Our practice is equipped with state of the art dental technology to ensure your oral  health is cared for with quality and evidence based dentistry. We want dentistry done on our teeth with the highest quality materials and equipment and this is the same philosophy we want for our patients. Simply ask us where our materials come from, and we’ll tell you the source. After all, its going into your mouth and your investing into it, you deserve to know!


Digital Software

We use digital software to ensure your patient records are kept accurate and confidential. Your privacy is our priority, and so we take care to protect this information.


Digital Intra-Oral X-Rays

High quality images with improved functionality through digital manoeuvres helps your dentist identify and diagnose your teeth and gums proficiently.


Digital Extra-Oral X-Rays

OPG/ panoramic extra-oral images allows for a more thorough assessment of your dentition and surrounding structures. Have you had one of these before?


Rotary Endodontics

The modern standard of root canal treatment. Your investment into root canal treatment is dependant on our proficiency in how we clean your root system. Rotary Endodontics can help your dentist give your tooth the best possible chance at survival following your root canal treatment.


Specialized Surgical Motor

Oral surgery made SAFE and more COMFORTABLE. We have an in-house surgical dentist who is experienced in wisdom tooth extractions over many years, and through the use of this surgical motor, the patient's experience is made that much more easier in the dental chair under local anaesthetic.

Looking for a quality and affordable Dental treatment?

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